Detroit Michigan: Fiat Chrysler automobiles announced  Wednesday that it would be planing to to lay off about 1,300 workers at a Detroit based car factory as an attempt to cut back on the production of its poorly selling Chrysler 200 midsized sedan series in the face of the growing U.S. demand for a competitive crossover and SUVs.jlkjlkj

The company told the United Auto Workers Union that it plans to remove the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant starting July 5 another 120 workers will be laid off at the close by Sterling stamping plant.

“While today’s announcement of a shift reduction at Sterling Heights Assembly is unfortunate, it is not unexpected,” is not the only company experiencing a slow market for small cars.”

The layoffs are very unexpected and are going to hit a lot of people hard. The fact that Chrysler wouldn’t exist were it not for the bail out they received from American tax payers in the wake of the 2008 great recession. Chrysler was able to jnklexperience 5 consecutive years of record sales. Much of this was born for the fact that their market thought that they were very much an all American company, that they were looking out for the American worker and making a product we could be proud of as a nation once again. No longer is this the case and if you buy these cars. Consider the fact that this company was on the verge of bankruptcy, they would not exist if the American people did not pick up the tab of their greed and excess, now with no more than a thank you they are going to leave, the take dollars that could have built schools developed necessary infrastructure or even been given as well fare which would have been all much more useful than just saving this soulless company that was on the brink of  death, and was nurtured back to life thanks to the tax dollars of the American worker. Chrysler in the wake of this 72 consecutive months of growth, and now is strong enough to take the jobs else ware. The company is not exploring alternative fuel sources.

These layoffs will come about 3 months after CEO sergio Marchionne said the automaker plans to eventually phase out the production of the model Chrysler 200 and the Dodge Dart. This is yet another example where the greed and corruption of the car industry is taking out its financial woes on the US auto worker. This all play into some who believed that the bail out was not a good idea. That we would give this private company and that we trusted them to be admirable and honor that they would keep jobs in America. The fact is that we should have let them fail, that they were not worthy of the trust of the American industry. We do not need to look back on this as being unprecedented it had done this before and hopefully they can never do this again. If the American government want to help the US economy they should put tariffs on the company to the point that they are not an interesting choice.